Set It Up Once, Then Forget it - AI Created Content Delivered Daily, Fresh, Unique, On Topic Right to Your Blogs Done For You!

What Can You Do With WPHorde?

  • Set & Forget AI Content Creation for One or Many Blogs
  • WPHorde's AI Writes Content For You Everyday!
  • Build Multiple Affiliate Sites
  • Distribute Content Across Multiple Sites
  • Distribute YouTube Video Embeds
  • Creates Mass Posts/Pages
  • Guest Posting Through Exchange
  • Integrate RSS Feeds to Automatically Post Spun/Unique Content.
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How it works

WPHorde Works With Self Hosted WordPress Blogs, WPMU, or Blogs

Add Your Blogs

Add Your Self Hosted WordPress Blogs or Blogs - No Other Service Does This!

Set Up Your AI Content Settings

Setup a few simple settings, then add your main keywords and secondary keywords, choose if you want FAQ section, add your call to action each post, then sit back and watch the AI create your content for you.

AI Starts Posting to Your Blogs Daily

WPHorde's AI writes fresh, unique, on topic content for you each and every day without you lifitng a finger ever again!

Integrations to multiple platforms

Connect to or Self Hosted WordPress blogs. 
You can even Guest post to blogs that are not yours!

Integration with Unsplash to get images for your posts.  Select multiple different images to be randomly selected as the featured image to make each post unique.

Integration with ChatGPT to create fresh daily content for your blogs every single day, and if you want to spin the content already created and post it more to other blogs, then we have the services of WordAI built into WPHorde

We have successfully created numerous WordPress Plugins since 2012

We have made several plugins to enhance WordPress, but we decided to take a new approach without plugins, thus keeping your blog in top working performance.

We heard the need for a tool to create unique posts from spun content on multiple WordPress sites, all while not having to install plugins.

The content would be great for dominating local niches or with valuable web 2.0 backlinks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need more time after the free trial?

Unfortunately we do not extend the free trail, you will either need to cancel, or allow the billing to complete to keep access.

What is required for WPHorde to work properly?

1. User name that is an Admin on your Self Hosted WordPress Blog.

2. Application Password for that user.

3. Permalinks set to anything other than Default.

4. OpenAI API Key

Does WPHorde work with WordPress Multisites? 

YES!  WordPress Multisites are fully supported as long as you can setup a user with Application passwords, which we require.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my package for WPHorde?

Yes, click on the link at the very top for Billing, it will take you over to Gumroad where you can upgrade or downgrade your level of service as your business requires.

When can I Join the Guest Posting Horde?

Now, You can join Guest Posting Services Now!